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[Concept film]


Latitude 39.58560° N. Longitude 104.89598° W. True compass bearing: 135.8761.

The JANMAR B17 unit has arrived at the shipping port. Activation, data input. Clon ready.


JANMAR B17 is a concept film depicting the activation of the first CLON. Set in a speculative future, the film is the initial concept story of a larger body of work inspired by sci-fi narratives and cyberpunk aesthetics, reflecting on the future of humanity.

JANMAR B17 is a concept film by Estela Oliva in collaboration with:

Aitana Basquiat (Art Direction)

Ana Quiroga (Sound Design)


- Barbican Milton Court, Clon Launch Event (October 2017).

- Art Futura Festival: 

Stour Space, 23 November 2018 (London)

Espacio Fundacion Telefonica, 1 Dec 2018 (Madrid)

- Aberrations, 7—8 December 2018 at Galerie Irrgang (Berlin)

curated by Lucas Gutierrez and Robert Seidel.

- The Digital Settlement, curated by The PhotoPhore for Athens Digital Arts Festival, (2020, Online)

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