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[AV Performance]
[Game simulation and live soundtrack]

META (AV performance - game simulation and live soundtrack)

CLON + Ana Quiroga (UK/ES)

Approx. Duration: 35 mins


META is an immersive audio-visual journey into future and unknown worlds, performed live as a game simulation with a live soundtrack.

Inspired by sci-fi narratives and cyberpunk aesthetics, the show invites the audience to explore fictional scenarios depicting interconnected utopian and dystopian worlds. The performance is presented as a view in FVP (first person view), allowing the public to feel totally immersed in the simulated game and its narrative, like a transient traveler of the virtual space.


During the show, CLON conducts a live journey through a speculative world composed of 5 scenes created using game engines and 3D design. Elements from the physical realm derive into a computer simulated world which exists outside our current systems and rites, blurring the perception of reality. In parallel, the soundtrack is composed and scored live by Ana Quiroga featuring cinematic atmospheres with dark ambiences, tribal rhythms and digitally processed voices, which create a mystic palette of imaginary worlds.

META is a collaborative project born during a residency in Iceland and developed by the artists in London. A new version of META has been released in January 2023 with new edited scenes, high definition graphics and new music.  




Sonar Lisboa (PT) 2023

Iklectik, London  (UK) 2023

Futur.Shock, FOLD, London (UK) 2022

Centro Cultura Mieres, Asturias (ES)  - 2021

MIRA Festival, Barcelona (ES) - 2019

She Makes Noise, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (ES) - 2019

Mutek AR Buenos Aire (AR)  2019

Amplify, Espacio Fundacion Telefonica, Lima (PE) 2019

Immersiva, Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico DF (MX) 2019

Mutek Montreal (Canada) 2019

Sonar Hong Kong, Hong Hong (China) 2019

Mirage Festiva, Lyon (France) 2019 

Keroxen Festival, Tenerife (Spain) 2018

CLON is Estela Oliva’s hybrid art project, in which she explores science fiction and speculative scenarios, using new media to blend virtual and physical worlds. Estela works as a digital artist and curator and has exhibited and collaborated internationally including Somerset House (London), Barbican Centre (London), Art Night (London), Espacio Fundacion Telefonica (Peru), Mobile World Centre (Barcelona), Ars Electronica (Linz) and Mutek (Montreal).


Ana Quiroga is London based musician and sound designer. She was half of the duo LCC who released two albums on Editions Mego, scored several soundtracks and performed at Barbican London, Berlin Atonal, Sónar, LEV and Mutek Mx, among others. Ana explores new ways of music storytelling and multimedia practices through mystic and experimental cinematic soundscapes which navigate between dark techno and ambient sounds. She has performed at Somerset House Studios, Art Night London, NTS Radio and Corsica Studios.



META is a project by CLON + Ana Quiroga

Concept, design and creative direction: Estela Oliva (CLON)

Music and sound design: Ana Quiroga


Built in Unity3D

With additional support by

Technical support: Andrew Crowe (MetaObjects)

Additional 3D assets: Aitana Basquiat, Aser Perez

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